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Are you ready to work your Core?

Port Orange Nazarene is excited to begin a year long focus called Core52. Centered around the 52 most prominent themes in the Bible, the goal of Core52 is to help individuals gain a better understanding of the overarching themes found in Scripture. Research shows that the majority of people wish they knew more about the Bible, but the two biggest hindrances are (1.) the Bible is so large that the task seems too daunting, and (2.) people say they are simply too busy. Core52 addresses these two problems.


Partnering with author Mark Moore, PONaz will be piloting this program in the Port Orange area. Everyone is invited to join a Core Group to connect with people and go even deeper in Scripture.

Each week, PONaz will focus on one core theme. Kids, teens, and adults will all be working through the same scripture and passages, all learning at an age appropriate level. Sunday sermons will be geared toward the themes, adding continuity to the week's lesson.

Join us on this journey! You'll be glad you did.

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Current Core52 Groups

Sunday Mornings


Teen Core52 Group

Meets in the Teen room, east hallway

Facilitator: Youth Director Justin Cordero

Info: Open to all teens

Sunday Evenings


 Adult Core52 Group

Meets in PONaz sanctuary

Facilitator: Youth Director Justin Cordero

Info: Open to all adults

Monday Mornings


Adult Core52 Group

Meets in PONaz sanctuary

Facilitator: Debby Clark

Info: Open to all adults

Friday Mornings


Adult Core52 Group

Meets at Panera on Dunlawton

Facilitator: Pastor Gerron

Info: Open to all adults

Saturday Mornings CORE/CORE Group


Meets in PONaz sanctuary

Facilitator: Jules Strange

Info: Open to all ages. These 90 minutes sessions will have components of light exercise included into the time. Focusing on physical and spiritual health, both your body and mind will receive a workout.

NOTE:  Neither PONaz nor the leaders are responsible for any medical liability. This is a course that is intended to help with basic movements, but each person should consult with a physician if they are unsure about their abilities. Your involvement in this activity constitutes a hold harmless agreement between the church, the leader, and the individual.

Don't see a Core Group that meets your needs? Email Pastor Gerron to discuss new Core Group options.

Why Core52?

This is an essential resource for individuals and groups who want to build confidence in God’s Word.  Think of Core52 as a fast-pass to biblical literacy, calling for 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 1 year.

Author Mark Moore identifies the most power-packed passages and distills them into a digestible format for busy people who want to gain proficiency with Scripture. Core52 is a better way to know the Bible better.

What is Core52?

  • The Core52 book identifies the fifty-two most influential verses in the Bible, providing a brief essay for each verse, tracing its theme through the entire Bible.

  • The Core52 videos are 5–6-minute summaries of why each verse contributes to your faith journey. These can be used for individual consumption or to engage in group discussion.

  • The Core52 website content offers further resources for group discussion questions to encourage, coach, and track progress. 

  • Core52 uses the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible, but if you would prefer to keep using other translations, that is fine, too. There may be a few differences in verse memorization, but the purpose is to hide God's Word in our heart, not to promote a specific translation.

  • Core52 is a series for every age and stage–adults, kids, and youth will be going through this 52-week series together at PONaz!

How to use Core52: 

 The five weekly exercises make this a plug-and-play small group curriculum: 

  • Monday: read the four-page essay

  • Tuesday: memorize the core verse

  • Wednesday: read the core Bible story

  • Thursday: meditate on three verses with the same core

  • Friday: accomplish the core verse action step (which is best done in a small group)

Why should I be part of a Core Group? Life change happens best in the context of community. God designed us to be in community & Core Groups will provide you with unique community experiences such as studying, serving, prayer, and social gatherings. Core Groups will encourage and challenge group members to GROW into the women and men God created us to be.

What is the role of a Core Group Leader? Core Leaders are responsible to facilitate the discipleship of group members by engaging them in the content and relationships of the group. You’ll lead weekly gatherings that discuss the week’s study, application, and challenging group members to life change.

What is the role of a Core Group Host? Hosts create an atmosphere where people can connect with God and each other while they explore and experience spiritual growth. You’ll express love, care, and hospitality of God to group members.

How does the small group study correspond with the weekly reading schedule and Sunday’s messages? Sunday’s message will start the week and then the 5 days of reading will follow. Depending on the day of the week your group meets, you’ll discuss the sermon and some or all of what you’ve read for that week.

On average, how long does a Core group meet? You’ll want to allow 60-90 minutes for your group to cover the content (perhaps longer if you decide to incorporate a meal to your group time).

Do I need a book to go through this study? The book provides the most detailed and comprehensive content for the Core52 series. The website is an excellent resource that will serve the same purpose, however, for the best experience with Core52, we recommend reading the book each week. So if you haven’t purchased your copy yet, be sure to do so before jumping into the online lessons. Books can be purchased at church while supplies last, or you can purchase books on Amazon or ChristianBook.

Can I sign up for Core Group even though the series has already started?  Absolutely! We are launching new Core Groups regularly throughout the series. Join a Core Group and connect with others and God's Word!

I have a few questions. Who do I talk to?  For more information about Core Groups,

email Pastor Gerron.

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