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Meet The Lipscomb Family

For the past two years, PONaz has been praying about ways to better connect with our neighbors in Port Orange. The goal has always been to build relationships that would create friendships, and friendships that would give opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus. 

We are thrilled that Jason and Mandy Lipscomb will be joining the PONaz team. Moving from St. Louis (Let's go, Cards!), they will be helping us reimagine what life can be like when we live with missional hearts and minds, leveraging every moment as an opportunity to create meaningful connections with others. With a focus on intentionality, Jason and Mandy have served in various places around the world.

Before serving in St. Louis, Jason served for several years in Michigan. Previous to that he worked in Italy, areas of the former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, and Serbia), and most recently Haiti.

Mandy is an entrepreneur, owning an online boutique called The Shoppe By MandyJo. You can support her at

Together, Jason and Mandy have three boys, Finnley, Wyatt, and Jeren.

Watch the Lipscomb family conversatioN with Pastors Gerron and Jen

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