Sunday Mornings at 10:45

Trying a new church is stressful.


What kinds of songs do they sing?

Is the pastor going to wear a tie?

Can I drink coffee in the sanctuary? 


At Port Orange Nazarene, we want you to find room to connect to God. You don't have to have it all together before you visit. We are a group of people still seeking, still learning, still growing. Dress is casual, but the relationships are real. You'll be greeted with friendly faces and (hopefully) will feel right at home. We have coffee here or feel free to bring your own if you just need that coffee before you get here!

On a typical Sunday, we'll sing some songs focusing on God's greatness, Christ and his death and resurrection, and the Holy Spirit that guides us in our everyday life. If you listen to Christian radio, you might recognize some of the tunes. 

Passages from the Bible will be read and we will spend time praying. The pastor will bring a word of hope and you'll have time to think, pray, and reflect on how hope can be part of your daily life. 

After that, we thank God for what is happening in our lives, whether by giving, singing, or participating in the Lord's Table.

When we finish, we leave challenged to BE the CHURCH in our community - sharing HOPE FOR ALL!

Port Orange Church of the Nazarene

840 Taylor Road     Port Orange, FL. 32128


Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool

840 Taylor Road     Port Orange, FL. 32128